Chroma: Best of CCAD 2016

Design, Photography

Chroma: The Best of CCAD is the annual campus-wide thesis and year-end festival and exhibition at the Columbus College of Art & Design. It is a celebration of ideas, innovation, and practiced discipline, come to fruition. At the show, the CCAD community comes together to showcase work from all majors in a highly interactive setting.


In it’s inaugural year as a campus-wide exhibition, I was part of the organizing and branding committee working to bring Chroma to life. Our identity for the first show (it gets a new look each year) aimed to represent each major and discipline in a unified, but flexible way. We had all spent 4 tough years refining our individual crafts; now it was time to come back together to show off who we had become.

The identity system features a consistent logotype and monogram, paired with more fluid and ever-changing fields of gradation, each color coded for the major it represents. While the refined serifs of the type reflect and skill and precision developed by the graduates, the gradations represent the kind of conceptual thinking and fluidity of ideas that we learn as a mindset at CCAD.

To promote the graduating students in Chroma beyond the event itself, Collins Laatsch and I organized a massive portrait photoshoot for the seniors. In total, we photographed about 200 people, with the intent to dig deeper and really get to the personality of each, mirroring that expression with bold color fields, similar in effect to Chroma’s identity.