Columbus Society of Communicating Arts

Portraiture & Event Photography

CSCA is an independent nonprofit arts organization that has been serving the creative community in Columbus since 1977. We host a monthly speaker series, organize collaborative arts events, exhibitions and screenings, connect creatives across disciplines, raise student scholarship funds through our Pinewood Derby event, and host an annual celebration and competition—Creative Best.

I volunteer as a portrait and event photographer for the group, shooting photos of each speaker that we host as well as documenting the evening.

CSCA Gives Back is a new subcommittee within the organization, devoted to using our creative skills to improve other parts of our community. Our first finished project was in service to Flying Horse Farms. We brought their annual camp theme (Wonderland) to life, creating an identity for the theme, camp photo backdrops, experiential keyhole and rabbit hole entryways, and a banner for the year, among other pieces.