Making Midwest

Design, Photography, Event Planning

Making Midwest is a group of creatives focused on bringing together makers from all different backgrounds and disciplines to share experiences, thoughts, and opinions. We’re ultimately aiming to spark ideas and open dialogues from people completely unlike each other—we call that a Creative Collision.

Our promotional campaign behind MMWF 2017 was the winner of a CSCA Creative Best 2017 award of excellence

In fact, Creative Collisions was the theme for the inaugural Making Midwest Fest, which, over the weekend of July 29th-30th 2017 in Columbus, hosted 30 different creatively-minded speakers to do short talks as well as 8 workshops. Check out the site for information about the 2017 festival, and about future events.

As part of the organizing team behind the festival, I designed the MMW website (and work with our developer to keep it up to date), as well as working on speaker search and outreach, social media & marketing content, a little print design, and photography for the events, and sponsor stories.

Video by Charles Hairston for the Making Midwest Maker Series, a collaborative effort to spotlight stellar creatives among us. The Making Midwest team seeks out a different director for each short film in the series, and the call for entries is open to anyone in our creative community that has a story worth sharing.

The event program Making Midwest Fest 2017 took the form of a newspaper (printed by Newspaper Club), used in a slightly unorthodox way that makes the crucial event information like schedules easy to access. Then, it can be unfolded fully to read more about all the speakers, and to view a poster created for the event by Dylan Menges. The program was a collaboration between Faith Gutzman and I—she has been creating the custom lettering behind the 2017 event.