NHL Campaign

Student Work

Design, Advertising, Photography, Video

The NHL continually struggles with low viewership and attendance of hockey games as well as a misunderstanding of the environment in hockey arenas, especially in the southern and western United States.

Rather than competing with other, more traditional and widespread sports, Josh Walz and I aimed to position the NHL against other forms of entertainment entirely. Where it currently has a violent and foreign reputation, we will show how fun and electrifying it is to be a part of the sport and environment with your friends.

The NHL concept focuses on a customized experience for newcomers and veteran fans alike. Rather than a typical overload of information, stats and scores littering the page, the site and app should fit a fan's interests. If you're just into your home team, you'll just see that. If you want to see what's going on across the league, you can see that too; even lay it out the way you like it.

Advertising & promotion for the campaign resembles hockey visually; it's bold, in your face, loud, and gritty, through scale, contrast, and use of typography. We chose to place ads in locations where our targets might spend time anyway (in this example, the local dive bar). 

Moving past traditional ads, our more 'guerilla' tactics focus on bringing elements of a hockey game out into the public for us to be part of. A player sits on a bench in a bus stop near the arena. A restroom stall is wrapped to resemble a penalty box (the most vulnerable place for a hockey player). Finally, an interactive game simulating goaltender reaction speed, centered in a location where all eyes are on you, and their reactions depend on your quick reflexes.