Pinchflat: Bike Poster Blowout

Screen Print

Pinchflat is an annual event in Columbus that aims to improve the arts and cycling communities here in town. Hosted by Wild Goose Creative and Paradise Garage, 30 artists and designers create 30 unique prints, sold for 30 dollars each, for the month of May (National Bike Month).

Although this year's event has ended, I've still got some posters left over. I'll be selling the rest and donating the proceeds to my Pelotonia ride in support of cancer research. Let me know if you would like one!

My print for the 7th annual show was my first go at designing a screen print—and I'm so satisfied with the results; huge thanks to Upright Press for the printing and advice! Screened in two colors (gray and beautiful metallic gold) on French Paper 18x24" Nightshift Blue, it really reflects the joy and peace of mind I get from riding.

My idea for the print came into being during a long ride, on a trail I hadn't explored before. Somewhere along one of my normal routes, I had decided to take a different turn, or I rode past my usual turning point, or something; really, I think it was subconscious. I had been so inside my own head during the ride, lost in thought, that I had literally become lost (well, as lost as you can be on a two-way bike path). All I remembered was the blur of trees, the rush of wind, and the bugs that I swear were aiming for me. That ride got me interested in finding other paths, looking through maps, and really exploring further past my typical routes.