Regal Cinemas

Student Work

Design, Video

While years of reckless expansion had given Regal the largest chain of theaters in the country, each represented a slightly different brand identity and experience. They are in need of a fresh brand to unify and differentiate themselves beyond the usual.

My solution: to rebrand and consolidate Regal Cinemas under the concept that the theater is a place to engage your mind, to have an intellectual and exciting experience, and to make yourself think a little. Everyone has a different experience and perception during a film.

Making a cinema website cinematic.

Movies—each and every one of them, have such a rich visual culture built around them. Beautiful visuals and designs are created to promote and each of these works of art, and it would be a shame for a cinema site meant to showcase movies not to let them stand for themselves.

The new Regal Cinemas site is meant to be cinematic in experience. Rich, visually based design coupled with a sitemap that prioritizes ease of use and customization leads to an experience that is as pleasant as the films you use the site to access.

Check out the site concept here.

Every concept for the new brand is meant to add a twist to the status quo; something to distort perception or encourage a second look, even if just for a second. The posters add dimension by distorting a scene. Projection mapping is used to enhance a viewing experience. During a sci-fi film, stars can be projected on the walls to add a subtle dimensionality to the experience. Typical movie posters can be replaced with subtle animated screens.